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  • One of my many backyard visitors, Big Rock Lizard. :) Desert spiny lizard (Sceloporus magister).

  • I didn't have any clamps deep enough to reach the center support, so I had to improvise... Those paint cans are pretty heavy, should keep everything pressed tight until the glue dries. :D (play-test of the laundry-folding counter in the note; tested fi…

  • All my desert willows are flowering~ (this one is right outside my bedroom window :) )

  • Paulie (the Patio Pigeon) and I have been having an on-going territorial dispute all week... And at first I thought I was just being paranoid, but he is *totally* watching me through the window: earlier, when I tried to photograph him in his nest from ins…

  • I have trees! :D There are several of these lovely trees dripping with purple flowers at the back of the house; anyone know what they are?

  • Day 2 in my new house, and it's beginning to look a lot like a kitchen....~ Packing for my first trip out to my new house was tricky; I knew I wanted to stick with the essentials, but what *were* the essentials? Ultimately, I ended up with one suitca…
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  • nsfw

    A couple of lorikeets were having a, um, private moment, when their buddy came along to watch... :D

  • Found a giant sleeping dragon while wandering around the Hall of Horrors. Joshua tree national park.

  • Went for a quick end-of-day walk around one of the rock-climbing areas in Joshua Tree National Park. :)

  • Lake above barker dam, joshua tree national park.

  • Today's favorite joshua tree. :) Barker dam trail. joshua tree national park.

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