• ...and a peach

    TSC: At the market A fruit cart near Times Square. (alternate in the notes) 100x in 2014: B&W (32/100)

  • 100x in 2014: B&W (36/100)

  • 100x in 2014: B&W (38/100)

  • Bubbles

    I'm forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air they fly so high, nearly reach the sky; then like my dreams they fade and die... 100x in 2014: B&W (35/100)

  • bubbles

    TSC: favorite challenge collage One of my favorite challenges was b&w; one of the most challenging was scenes that evoke a mood. Chasing giant bubbles in the park on a nice summer day is pure joy. Or frustration, if you're trying to photograph the bubb…

  • Gather ye bubbles while ye may...

    ...for the end of the World Cup is nigh! Still not entirely sure if he was advertising something (the sign on his back referenced the next big sports thing on the calendar) or if it was a random bit of performance art... :) Here, he took a break from a…

  • 100x in 2014: B&W (42/100)

  • your move...

    100x in 2014: B&W (43/100)

  • rejection

    100x in 2014: B&W (34/100)

  • Stranded

    Alternate for TSC: At the market Outside my favorite bookstore. 100x in 2014: B&W (33/100)

  • under construction

    100x in 2014: B&W (80/100)

  • will I see you tonight, on a downtown train?

    TSC: sliders Processed in Lightroom 4. To get the dramatically dark, gritty, high-contrast look I set the tone curve to "medium contrast" and tweaked the light/dark settings; set the clarity slider to +80; and applied post-crop vignetting to further da…

  • 100x in 2014: B&W (82/100)

  • 100x in 2014: B&W (84/100)

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