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12 Jul 2014 220
100x in 2014: B&W (38/100)


12 Jul 2014 7 19 586
TSC: favorite challenge collage One of my favorite challenges was b&w; one of the most challenging was scenes that evoke a mood. Chasing giant bubbles in the park on a nice summer day is pure joy. Or frustration, if you're trying to photograph the bubbles without all those other people getting in the way... ;)

Gather ye bubbles while ye may...

12 Jul 2014 2 2 356
...for the end of the World Cup is nigh! Still not entirely sure if he was advertising something (the sign on his back referenced the next big sports thing on the calendar) or if it was a random bit of performance art... :) Here, he took a break from all the Doom and Gloom to get everyone singing: I'm forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air they fly so high, nearly reach the sky; then like my dreams they fade and die... 100x in 2014: B&W (37/100)
12 Jul 2014 3 240
100x in 2014: B&W (42/100)
27 Jan 2015 136
Davis Square in the snow.
27 Jan 2015 124
One of the kids kept shouting "I FUCKING LOVE SNOW!!!" while his friends laughed... I'm guessing he's not from here. :D
27 Jan 2015 129
Skiing down the bike path
27 Jan 2015 12 27 400
TSC: strangers A lone cyclist riding down Mass Ave after the Snowpocalypse (hit Z, you know you want to!)
01 Feb 2015 4 168
NTSC: strangers

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