wait, let me take a selfie...

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  • wait, let me take a selfie...

    TSC: in the bathroom Bathroom-mirror selfie. (flipped to un-reverse the image ;) ) 100x in 2014: B&W (79/100)

  • will I see you tonight, on a downtown train?

    TSC: sliders Processed in Lightroom 4. To get the dramatically dark, gritty, high-contrast look I set the tone curve to "medium contrast" and tweaked the light/dark settings; set the clarity slider to +80; and applied post-crop vignetting to further da…

  • 100!

    10-week project - opposites - week one: light Candle on the table at the cafe with all the sheep from pics 85-87. 100x in 2014: B&W (100/100)

  • Make Way!

    10-week project - color wheel - week 9: black The Make Way For Ducklings! ducks in the Boston Public Garden at night, still trying to find their way home after all these years... :) 100x in 2014: B&W (88/100)

  • Sleepy geese floating on the duck pond in the Public Garden. 100x in 2014: B&W (89/100)

  • TSC: numbers

  • One of my favorite bookstores. :)

  • starry night

    The telescope at Griffith observatory. (better bigger on black)

  • LA at night, view from Griffith observatory.

  • Night sky, at the Griffith Observatory.

  • starry night

    A weather report on the radio mentioned clear skies perfect for possible meteor-shower viewing; after two hours out in the cold I didn't see any sign of meteors, but the skies *were* mostly clear, and even with the nearly-full moon and a handful of street…

  • (better bigger on black)

  • (better bigger on black)

  • Starry sky over moonstone beach. (better bigger on black)

  • Kind of hate the ultrabright LED streetlights, but it does look kind of cool with all those icicles...

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