The Green Line Extension is a project to extend one of the local subway lines by several miles/stops; the main branch of the extension will run behind the building I work in, with a station at the end of the street.
08 Nov 2014 3 217
100x in 2014: B&W (78/100)
08 Nov 2014 2 1 233
NTSC: sepia There were way too many dead bicycle tires in the tangle of trees and weeds between the building and the train tracks (what? the gate wasn't locked, and the KEEP OUT! sign wasn't very big - practially an invitation to go exploring!). On the ground, hanging from trees, stuck to the fence, in a broken-down shopping cart... Clearly it's a Thing, but why? (treed tire in the notes)
25 Apr 2015 121
View of the Green Line Extension site from the top of the moose stairs.
25 Apr 2015 1 1 139
Yesterday, upon the stair, I crossed a moose who wasn't there... Going up, I thought those were the Scariest Stairs Ever In The History Of Everything on account of the wobbliness (the wind wasn't helping) and all the half-rotted boards. I didn't notice the sign until I was on the way down... Random moose stampedes would totally explain the state of those stairs.
25 Apr 2015 9 23 397
TSC: what's left There used to be two (or possibly three?) other sets of train tracks running through here, unused long enough for a forest to grow over it (this last one is (not very, but still) active) - the tree in the first note is from november. Not long after that, they cut down all the trees and started clearing everything out; and then one snowy afternoon in january I watched from the window as they used a ginormous magnet to pull up all the old tracks. This is all part of a project to extend one of the subway lines; there's also a bike-path extension going on which will run through the same space, so ultimately there will be new train tracks and new trees... (better bigger on black)
25 Apr 2015 1 1 138
NTSC: what's left ...after the construction crew left for the weekend...
25 Apr 2015 3 144
NTSC: what's left I'd last noticed the tree back in november, the week of the sepia challenge (see note). Probably only weeks before it was cut down... All those other trees are gone now, too - the forest that used to be on the other side of the fence was cleared away, and the old train tracks were pulled up, as part of a subway line extension project.

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