• confused, much?

    TSC: Oxymoron Sign in a local convenience store parking lot.

  • the bigger half

    TSC: oxymoron

  • thirsty

    TSC: Open Ramune bottles are sealed with a marble in the neck; they're opened by popping the marble down into the bottle.

  • storytime

    TSC: Open

  • TSC: Saucy

  • stars

    TSC: cut fruit

  • Blue.

    TSC: car logos

  • ...and in the eighth square we shall be Queens together...

    TSC: Through the Looking Glass 'the Seventh Square is all forest — however, one of the Knights will show you the way — and in the Eighth Square we shall be Queens together, and it's all feasting and fun!'

  • ghost racers

    TSC: previously-unused camera setting For this challenge I decided to play with in-camera multiple exposures. Five exposures of three HotWheels cars racing across the table.

  • TSC: abstract with red The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, as seen from Terrapin Point on the NY side. I slid the Temperature and Tint sliders all the way to the red end of the scale to start, then messed around with all the tone/presence/etc settings…

  • books, bottles, and beads

    TSC: From the prop box I do a lot of tabletop work; anything that isn't nailed down (and some things that are) has been a prop at one time or another. (object IDs in the notes)

  • TSC: Shadows

  • Someone had a little too much fun with this newspaper box. :) My alternate forTSC: moods.

  • ...and a peach

    TSC: At the market A fruit cart near Times Square. (alternate in the notes) 100x in 2014: B&W (32/100)

  • bubbles

    TSC: favorite challenge collage One of my favorite challenges was b&w; one of the most challenging was scenes that evoke a mood. Chasing giant bubbles in the park on a nice summer day is pure joy. Or frustration, if you're trying to photograph the bubb…

  • TSC: Sunrise, Sunset From the archives. One of my favorite sunset spots in Tucson: Windy Point, halfway up Mount Lemmon, all the way out on the rocks. (crappy phone-pic of my setup in the notes. those kids climbed up to the top of the rock on the left…

  • TSC: Ground Level Sitting on the ground, looking out over Devil's Canyon in Utah.

  • TSC: 1, 3, 5 100x in 2014: B&W (57/100)

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