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23 Nov 2021 1 7
Almost ready to start quilting... Just need to decide what to do with the Xes and the solid blue corners.
23 Nov 2021 1 5
Border: grey/black/blue stripes on top/bottom, just the blue (or maybe black/blue?) on the sides.
23 Nov 2021 5
Ghost approves! :)
23 Nov 2021 5
Quilt back. (Ghost likes to help play-test all of my projects... ;) )
23 Nov 2021 5
Quilt front...
19 Nov 2021 1 5
Lunar eclipse.
03 Nov 2021 1 10
Sophie - in her Tin Man halloween costume - visiting her friend Tucker at school. :)
03 Nov 2021 6
Whenever we're working off-leash near the horses, Sophie has to go say hi to her donkey friend Tucker... :)
17 Oct 2021 1 11
...that moment when you realize that your display table has sprouted a tail... :D
16 Oct 2021 1 17
For the longest time, the whole entryway was just filled with boxes, tools, random construction leftovers... I hadn't really thought about how to use this space before, starting to get some ideas now that it's all empty.... (the "curtains" are to block the view of the chaos on the other side of those glass doors... didn't have time to clean the rest of the house before inviting random strangers in, just kind of shoved everything back there and then hid it all. :lol: )
16 Oct 2021 19
View of my front garden-in-progress through the front door. I started the flagstone patio project back in the summer; had my nice well-packed gravel base, and was mostly finished spreading the decomposed-granite layer and was starting to tetris the paving stones when it rained one night; by mid-morning the next day all that nice soft sand had turned into a thick crust. >.< I was already behind on several indoor projects, so I just put the patio on hold; now that the weather's getting cooler I plan to get back to it.
16 Oct 2021 15
At some point in the past, that was the front of the house; now there's a window (covered with brick sticky-back wallpaper to hide the mountain of boxes on the other side) between the front hall and the sewing/guest room. (and around the corner to the left there's also a window between the living room and the guest bathroom... O.o covered for now, but that one will eventually be turned into a wall...) There's another Wall of Windows behind me, opposite the tables; once all the glass is packed away I'll start filling those terrarium tables with plants. :D
16 Oct 2021 14
Now that the boxes have all been cleared out, this room is next on The List. It used to be outdoors, and so the walls are all too-heavily-textured stucco; way over in the right-hand corner (behind that big painting) there's a whole section of wall that was ripped out when I first got the keys to the house and had a potentially-problematic electrical panel replaces, and I'm extremely tempted to continue with the stucco-removal along the two walls behind the curtains and replace it with nice smooth easy-to-hang-things-on drywall... Once the walls are done and painted I'm going to build bookshelves again all along the currently-curtained walls, and this will be the library/living room. Couch and a couple of chairs in the center (with the couch perpendicular to the windows), possibly a small woodstove kind of where the table on the left is now... And replacing at least some of those lovely floor-to-ceiling windows with ones that open a bit at the top for ventilation is moving up on the priority list. :)
16 Oct 2021 18
The Wall of Windows is perfect for displaying all that glass! :D Art Tours setup (note to self: re-shoot without that chair in the frame...)
09 Oct 2021 18
Ghost came in to supervise while I was setting up my side of the room for Art Tours; she quickly lost interest in my furniture assembly and instead spent the night carefully studying my friend's paintings (between naps, of course ;) ). (Paintings by Myra Kennedy)

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