Drew Makepeace's photos

  • S

    This neon sign caught my eye. I love the big swooping 'S'. (1707a)

  • A Green Pole

    A green pole. (1676a)

  • Shell

    A misty rain was falling as I stopped at a gas station. (805a)

  • 3 in 1

    I couldn't believe my luck. Three of my favourite subjects all in one shot: a shopping cart, and old mattress and an abandoned sofa. (1806a)

  • Wall Revisited

    Bollards and gas meters that have already appeared in this photostream. But this time the light was just right, and too good to pass up the chance for another photo. (1767a)

  • Sidewalk Shadows

    Shadows cast on a sunny day. (1683a)

  • Tree Shadow with Mailbox

    Part of Penticton Art Gallery. (1651a)

  • Movieland Arcade

    This sign in Vancouver caught my eye. (1703a)

  • Tree Row

    A row of trees benefits from light reflected from an apartment building's windows. (1698a)

  • Parked Cart

    This shopping cart has chosen not to heed the signs. (1592a)

  • Holiday House Revisited

    The Holiday House Motel, a classic motel of a previous era and touting TV and air conditioning, is now eclipsed by a high-rise condo. I photographed this sign years ago before the condo appeared. See below. (1605a)

  • Winter Cactus

    A small restaurant in the bright winter sun. (1630a)

  • Bouldery Driveway

    Seen in a back lane. (1616a)

  • Utility Nook

    This utility pole has its own nook between two fences. (1679a)

  • Peaces

    More experimentation with my mirror. (1531a)

  • Reflected Romp - 3

    The third in the series of Reflected Romp, and one of a growing number of the mirror experiment. I feel this could also be entitled The Scream. (1551a)

  • Tree Illuminated

    A tree and its shadow. (1536a)

  • Land Ho!

    Looking landward from the Kiwanis Walking Pier. (1565a)

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