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    Kamikaze Fishes in struggle!

  • Köln Night Fever

  • A Lot Of Sheeps ★Zoomy trick★

    No they are not flying. Me ? Yeah, I was flying ;) Man nehme einen manuellen Zoom und bewege ihn möglichst schnell (insbesondere bei kurzen Belichtungszeiten so wie hier) während man abdrückt. Déclencher et bouger le zoom simultanément. Zoom and fire.

  • Wood I

    wood one PS: Is this art ?

  • Ready For Sailing

    One last photograph before we left the harbour. BRETAGNE 2004 30 gentil visits 8 lovely comments 9 honouring faves. Thank YOU ! (30/10/08) IF YOU LIKE THIS ONE, YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE THESE : Some days ago, we had this sky here in Cologne. and this was i…

  • Movement in Cuba

    made by Cuba 2005 "Laura C ha agregado este documento a sus preferidos añadido hace 6 horas Laura C te sugiere que añadas este documento al grupo Retratos en Blanco y Negro." Thank you Laura for your star, your invitation and your commen…

  • Volksgarten Köln und "Fit bis ins hohe Alter !"

    Time- lapse, Zeitraffer

  • Wordless But Full Of Warm Feeling

    Je me sens impuissant face a la puissance venant du soleil. Notre étoile. Je me sens encore plus impuissant, quand je pense au fait que dans notre galaxie que nous appelons voie lactée, il y en a innombrables d'autres soleils comme le nôtre.…

  • Kölner Lichter Time Lapse TWO

  • Dawn April Sixteen

    That's the view from my flat this evening. I just took the flash card out off my cam and now it's shared with you.

  • Synchronious Dancers While I Am On My Bicycle

    People in the street in Cologne performing like professional dancers.

  • Evening Mood

    Cologne gives you that mood you like. Once Cologne, always.

  • Gnaa

    Sorry for the dirty glasses. We had some waves that came on board. We had fun during this sail trip through the water of Bretagne.

  • Mr Dust

    Cuba, 2005 (31/01/2009) Danke, Ester und Lis ! Ich fürchte, dass die Kfz auf Kuba heute immer noch nicht besser verbrennen als im Jahre 2005 :( 01/02/2009)

  • Our favorite river : Schelde

    Temse, Belgium

  • Free As A Bird

  • Light Sword

    Temse, Belgium

  • Fly!

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