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  • society

  • key Photographie

    et Leve kölle

  • ç0lögñ3



    This is not a wall. This is art.

  • Havanna, Cuba

    Uploaded on March 27, 2009 at 22h00 So many faves in the first few minutes ! That's great ! In fact 3 from the first 4 visitors gave me their little star. One of them was anonymous. So 100% of ipernity members voted ! I am very grateful ! Thank you, Ber…

  • Tape Deck

    Süd Fahrt

  • By The Rhine-Side

  • Time Warp II

    January 17th 2009 : This was in North Italy in August 2008 with my In-Car-Installation :) Please refer to 008 for more samples like this one : Thank you Gorgen, Berny, Kateshilluette and Tracy for your warm comm…

  • IMG 5754


  • Star-Set

    The sun our star settles down after a long and exhausting day in Italy.

  • Bella Vita Italia

    Ligurien Dezember 2009

  • Cologne Walker

  • No mo' power

    Modern society

  • Dragon with three heads

    Das etwas andere DREIGESTIRN! Carnival 2010 Cologne

  • Threesomeness / Dreigestirn - Carnival In The Streets

    Dreisamkeit (Nein, nicht DAS 3-Gestirn, sondern das ganz alltägliche.) THESE ARE THE directors OF THE UNOFFICIAL CARNIVAL IN COLOGNE. cf. stirn Cologne, 2008

  • Cubanian Break

    4.3.2010 "mahuphidos suggest you to add this doc to the group GNENN HA DU." Thank you mahuphidos !

  • Dancin' Dancers Dancin' Around and Around