Doomshammer's videos

  • Red | Wine

    Testshoot with my EOS 5D Mk II at very low available light conditions. Only light source is a candle. I'm pretty amazed by the quality at such low light. Click here for HD

  • B/W Guitar

    Some more test footage. I was testing the B/W feature of the 5D Mk II. Gives a pretty nice output- I really like this. Please don't mind about my bad playing... I was just doing a rough test ;-) Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Click here for HD:…

  • Cologne at Night

    First test shoot with my new Canon EOS 5D Mk II. Lil' bit noisy, as I had wrong ISO settings, though the quality is impressive for ISO 3200. Click here for HD version

  • Knockin' on heaven's door

    My interpretation of "Knocking on heaven's door"

  • Orion

    Gear: - Ibanez SR-300 IPT Bass - Ibanez SZR-520 Guitar

  • Just another stairway...

    Sorry for the bad cuts/transitions - I've been too lazy to make it better.

  • Silent Sorrow

    Original song can be found here. Unfortunately the compressing has made the video/sound out of sync.

  • Pallar Anders Visa

    Better quality here.

  • Purple Haze

    A very lame try to cover parts of Hendrix' Purple Haze

  • Sweet Dreams

    I tought it would be cool to make a "music video" with different voices/instruments all played by the one-man-band ;-) Unfortunately my video cutting software messed up the format and it's not complete in sync, but well.. not too bad for a first try ;-)

  • Guitar Medley (aka Boredom)

    I was bored and though I could play around with iMovie a bit... So I created a bried "Medley" of songs and "mixed" it together... Wheeee! A movie! \o/ (Sorry for the overdriven sound in Seether's "Broken", but I forgot to adjust the volume level ... and…