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  • Sun | Set

    Watching the sunset while sitting at the Ems

  • OutOf | MyHotel

  • Chic | ken!

  • Friend | Ship

  • Hard | Knotted

  • Ferris | Wheel

  • Full | Moon

  • Frisia VI | Norderney

    I visited my parents house this weekend, and took the chance to do a little photo tour through the region I was born. Unfortunatelly the tour ended pretty fast, as it started to rain pretty heavily. Though I took some shoots :)

  • Wanna | Sleep

  • Cutie | Yawn

    My friends Tommy and Carmen got their little puppy "Abby" - yesterday I visited them and took some shots of the little cutie :-)

  • Unboxing | iPhone e-Kommunikationseinrichtung.html

  • Uploaded - 01\03\09

    - Taken at 7:53 PM on March 01, 2009 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

  • In | Untreated State

    Ulrich and Zwegie invited me to "join" the game. So... here you go... Winni- totally untreated in original raw state :D The wide angel makes me look ever more weird as usual ;-) (Taken in an almost dark room. Lit only by 2 candles and the TV. Taken at ISO…

  • Red | Wine

    Testshoot with my EOS 5D Mk II at very low available light conditions. Only light source is a candle. I'm pretty amazed by the quality at such low light. Click here for HD

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