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Darmstadt Ludwigsplatz (#0123)

Darmstadt Ludwigsplatz  (#0123)
Somehow I remember this square as being the center of the city when I was there. For some reason the tourism information supplied by the city has no description regarding this statue/fountain. I expected at least some mention since this is Ludwigplatz but the statue honoring Ludewig is in Luisenplatz, and there is no mention as to who this is (Bismark). A photo of this same location taken in 1969:

Zach has particularly liked this photo

I noticed that "Kalbfuss" and "Reisebüro" (in the 1969 photo) are still in business in this photo. I'd like to know about those trees on the right. From the old photo it looks like they'd have to be planted in the middle of the street.
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Zach
Like city centers in the U.S., many German cities have closed off the vehicle streets in the oldest parts of town and converted them into pedestrian zones with landscaping. How long back that happened I couldn't tell, but it looked like it had been a number of years.
3 years ago.