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Nuremberg Zeppelin Field (#2760)

Nuremberg Zeppelin Field (#2760)
The field, from behind the podium (I was not comfortable with walking onto the podium). Though not readily evident here, the field is said to be the size of 12 football fields. If you go to the Zeppelin field sequence in Triumph of the Will, this area looks much more massive than it does from this photo. The Zepplin Field sequence starts at minute 57:52 in Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will):

Was your discomfort related to the goings on at the stadium, or to your feelings about the history here?
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
The history. I think having watched Triumph of the Will gives this (and much of the rest of my trip) a very different interpretation. The entire movie (linked above) is on youtube and is 1 hr, 44 minutes. I find it very useful (though depressing) for exploring the nexus between news, propaganda, art & architecture, and human fallibility.
2 years ago.