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Nuremberg old town (#2716)

Nuremberg old town (#2716)
I had gone to Nuremberg to visit a museum of the Nazi past and related sites, and had not really planned on spending much time touring the city. But, like many other such planned visits, it turned out that the city itself was quite interesting. The old town section was just across from my motel and so I walked over there the first evening. My initial impression, other than the historic tower, was not great since the first thing you encounter is a Burger King. BUT, it turned out to be a very pleasant, architecturally interesting, historic, city. Note, though, that vast sections of Nuremberg were bombed out during WWII, thus many of the buildings are either reconstructions or significant restorations.

Regarding its Nazi past, Nuremberg has done a very good job of acknowledging that at the Congress Hall that is outside of town (later photos). However, there was little readily visible acknowledgment in the old town section of places used in the annual Nazi rallies, though many of the sites that I photographed in old town do appear in Triumph of the Will, the Nazi propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl. Additional discussion of Triumph of the Will, and a link to the movie, will appear with later pictures of the Zeppelin field.

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