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Nuremberg train (#2710)

Nuremberg train (#2710)
From the train to Nuremberg. This portion of the trip highlighted that "high speed rail" wasn't quite what one might expect. The route between Berlin and Nuremberg goes through a long mountainous stretch that has not been modified for high speed rail (unlike the Berlin - Frankfurt route), thus we had lots of slow curves rather than viaducts and tunnels. Admittedly it made the scenery much more enjoyable, but I was surprised at how much of the trip was at speeds slower even than 100kph (60 mph).

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Interesting. I know a number of people who talk often and at great length about the extensive network of high-speed rail all across Europe, especially in Germany. Perhaps it's not as advertised.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
There is exceptionally good high speed rail in very many areas, but there are areas that still need improvement. The fact that there was a long slow stretch in here may be related to the fact that this is a very hilly area and it is in what was East Germany. The more northern lines, which are basically in the long flats stretching in from the Baltics, are much quicker.
2 years ago.