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Poland, Krakow Rynek Główny (#2428)

Poland, Krakow Rynek Główny  (#2428)
My first impression of central Krakow was that it was a tourist trap. I saw lines of these very white tourist carriages in the center of the square, surrounded by very large cafes full of tourists who looked, by this time of day, that they had drunk too much. However, the more time I spent in Krakow, the more I saw an interesting and charming city behind all that glitz.

Like any city, the tourists will flock to a very small area, leaving the rest of the place free for more adventurous travelers and the locals.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to InterstateGirl
You said that at just the right time. I'm planning my next trip to Europe and am frustrated by how much the guide books focus on where to food (for tourists), cute shops, and popular museums. In writing a reply to you, I realized I knew the answer -- find the popular spot in the guide book and then go somewhere a few blocks away.
2 years ago.