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Sierras CA-89 (0335)

Sierras CA-89 (0335)
Along CA-89, near where it drops down to US-395. The late afternoon skies on this day were spectacular. Note that this is very close in appearance to a shot by David Goulart.

Zach, Clint, Christina Sonnenschein have particularly liked this photo

I've got almost the same pic, too ;) David's right--there's something that makes everyone stop here.
4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to slgwv
I can see why they stop, the perspective from Topaz down to that mysterious valley (the one above), the agriculture in the valley, and then the view to the mountains on the west (still the White's ??), (plus the rocks and grass) make it fairly spectacular.
4 years ago.
slgwv has replied to Don Barrett (aka DBs…
Mountains on the east? Those across the valley beyond the West Fork of the Walker are the Sweetwater Mtns. Dunno offhand if the range on the east side of the "mysterious valley" has a special name.
The Sweetwaters are another range, like the Whites, that get no respect because they're overshadowed by the Sierras. Their highest peaks are >11K feet, and would get lots more attention, except that-- Anyway, my wife and I were going to climb (actually walk to the top of) Patterson Peak, the highest peak, but we ran out of time. Also like the Whites, the northern end pokes into Nevada!
4 years ago.
This was the photo that made me curious about that line that looks from a distance as if it were mowed into the valley. I'll have to look for this pull-out if I ever go this way so I can join the club.

Edit: Looking at the map, I see I actually came fairly close to it. I should have made a note of this before the trip and taken that right turn.
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs travels)
Don Barrett (aka DBs…
I'd hazard that the mysterious valley is considered to be in the Sierras since it is sort of a bowl.
4 years ago.