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SF Mission Bay (0995)

SF Mission Bay (0995)
One of the few remaining railroad ferry terminals (abandoned) in San Francisco. For many years freight cars were ferried from the East Bay to SF. This landing was for a Santa Fe barge; use of the landing ended in 1984 per the website below. The terminal is on the waterfront at Mission Bay and is largely hidden behind a fence and vines (thus the odd picture).

So all the freight goes on 18-wheelers now instead?
4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to slgwv
Since all of the freight port activity moved to Oakland (and LA/Long Beach), and there's no large-scale manufacturing in SF, the freight traffic through SF is very different from what it was decades ago. I would guess that most hauling is now retail and service-related delivery (plus construction material for all of the housing that's going up.) There is still a UP freight line up the peninsula, but it appears to be primarily Caltrains commuter trains during the day, with some freight trains at night. So, yes, mostly truck.
4 years ago.