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Bradley Union Pacific bridge (0939)

Bradley Union Pacific bridge  (0939)
Union Pacific railroad bridge over the Salinas River, just south of Bradley, Ca. Note the new railroad ties next to the tracks. The Union Pacific is upgrading the tracks in preparation for a very large increase in shipments of oil, on 100 car oil tanker trains, from the North Dakota oil fields to a refinery near San Luis Obispo.

That's an interesting development. With all the debate over various pipelines, you don't hear many people talking about the increased volume of oil on the rails.
3 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
For some reason the issue hasn't gotten much traction (bad pun) yet in California, despite the serious derailments that have happened around the country. People here seem to be largely unaware of the railroads, and thus not thinking about the proximity of hazardous cargoes on rail lines where they regulations haven't been revised in decades.
3 years ago.