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California Valley Solar Ranch (0934)

California Valley Solar Ranch (0934)
New construction at the California Valley Solar Ranch, a solar energy facility just north of Carrizo Plain Natl Monument. The picture was taken late in the day, thus the bright reflection off the stands for the collectors.

Rhisiart Hincks has particularly liked this photo

I don't know a lot about solar, in part because I've so rarely encountered it. As such, I'm not as automatically pessimistic about it as I am about wind. I've never been near Carrizo Plain, but I would think there'd be a lot of competing interests in terms of land use. Does this displace agriculture?
4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
Not there, its very dry. The concerns out there, like much of California solar development, are with the impacts on the very limited amount of remaining open and undisturbed 'prairie' for animals and flyways for birds.
4 years ago.