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Salton Sea

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Salton Sea Beach (0743)

Salton Sea Beach (0743)
"No ferals"? How do you control existence of feral cats -- though I didn't see any. The main point here is the two stenciled graffiti -- see nearby pictures. Graffiti inside abandoned home in adjacent picture. From expedition on Thanksgiving day, 2013.

Do they mean this? ...

What I saw of the Salton Sea suggest he would be the perfect place for people with such leanings. Of course, I saw no people while I was there. I wondered for a while whether the Rapture had occurred.
3 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
I hadn't heard of a 'feral' subculture, and haven't heard anything about it in Southern California. Per the Wikipedia definition it would fit somewhat, but there is often little evidence of any humans when you're wandering around the Salton Sea, so I suspect that the 'no ferals' refers to not dumping stray cats -- though the stencils suggest the possibility of an active subculture of some type. Of the people living around the Salton Sea, there seem to be very many who are very private. Many are farm workers who are private either because of excessive hours in the field or legal status. Many others seem to be what is seen often in the remoter parts of the desert, people who might be described as hermits that have basically withdrawn from society for various reasons.
3 years ago.