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Poston, AZ Japanese Internment Camp monument (0701)

Poston, AZ Japanese Internment Camp monument (0701)
A monument to the Japanese Internment Camp built in Poston, AZ during WW II. The monument was built by the Colorado River Indian Tribes, former internees at Poston, military veterans, and others. The Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation was created in 1865 for the Indians of the area (the Mohave and Chemehuevi); Hopi and Navajo Tribes were moved to the area as war relocation (Japanese internment) camps were built on Indian reservations at the beginning of WW II. The kiosk in front describes construction of the monument, the structure in the middle is dedicated to the internees. As is the case with other internment sites across the west, the site is poorly marked on the highway and its location is not promoted, thus few travelers are likely to visit the site and begin to grasp the enormity of the US actions against US citizens of Japanese ancestry during WWII.

Interesting place. I've heard of this Internment Camp, but haven't been there. I have been to Manzanar a few times, and Tule Lake. I also stumbled upon a Canadian Internment Camp in New Denver, British Columbia. I had no idea that Canada did the same thing to their Japanese citizens that the US did.
4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs travels)
Don Barrett (aka DBs…
I'm trying to identify them as I can, I feel it important to remember that we could easily fall into this sort of thinking again.

I've also been to Manzanar multiple times and have some pictures of it on here, have also been to Tule Lake and want to get back there, and have been to Topaz (link below). Finding Poston was one of the more difficult -- based on various sources I had come to believe that there would be no trace of it.

Re Canada, I read an article a number of years back indicating that we (the U.S.) worked with multiple other countries in the Americas to detain Japanese during the war. If my memory is correct, we even had some countries in South America deport Japanese to the U.S. and then we put them into internment camps here.

Topaz isn't well-identified until you get to it, but worth a visit:
Topaz Internment Camp, Utah (1226)
4 years ago.