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SF Castro 1960 Market at Buchanan Mint Bar (0510)

SF Castro 1960 Market at  Buchanan Mint Bar (0510)
The Mint, though now mixed and gay friendly, has a long history as a fixture of gay life in San Francisco. Overshadowing it is the construction of the Linea condos (see nearby pictures). This photo is part of an effort to document the tremendously high level of residential construction occurring in San Francisco. The project documented in this photo is one of 11 large-scale housing developments that are being built in a 10 block area that stretches for about a mile from the Castro neighborhood towards downtown.

I've been a little concerned with housing in other parts of the country that we're heading toward another bubble. I know San Francisco functions in its own dynamic with that sort of thing, but I find this building glut a little disconcerting.
4 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs travels)
Don Barrett (aka DBs…
Like Manhattan (or Chicago's Gold Coast?), SF does seem to have its own housing economy that seems to be able to weather most things. It has had periods of downturn, but they seem to be further apart than for the economy as a whole. A sudden drop in the economy, though, could bring many things crashing down. On a larger scale, I'm concerned. Without a resurgence in middle-class jobs, we can't just keep consuming forever.
4 years ago.