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Colorado River

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Yuma AZ border 2738a

Yuma AZ border 2738a
This is part of my set of pictures of the lower Colorado river. The area from Yuma, AZ through Quartzsite, AZ, had a generally rougher, hard-working, feel to it. In this subset of pictures of the set, I start at the southernmost point of this stretch -- the Mexican border south of Yuma, AZ. Twenty miles south of Yuma is San Luis, AZ. The area between San Luis and Yuma is almost all agriculture, and the further south you go towards San Luis, the more it feels like you're in Mexico -- by the time I hit San Luis, it seemed like the dominant language was Spanish. San Luis was very crowded with people crossing the border, and I didn't take any pictures of there. The border runs north-south for many miles between San Luis and the Yuma area, and I was able to travel along the border in that section.

The border in that area has farm fields growing up to a levee, then trees on the banks of the Colorado, and then mountains on the Mexico side. The truck in this picture is Mexican border police.


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