• Aste Nagusia

    Here people gathered on a place and threw flour and water around, for whatever reason. Looks like they had a lot of fun though ^^

  • Maneater

    There were also several parades like this one where a big open-mouthed head was pulled through the streets by two oxen followed by several big dancing statues. There were also some "big heads" that walked with the parade.

  • Blue scarf

    Almost everyone at the festivals wore such a scarf around the neck or around the arm. I asked for the point of this, but didn't really get a satisfactory answer. Tradition...

  • Museo Guggenheim

    A great place in Bilbao, it took us a total of 7 hours to visit all the galleries there! Of course it's a bit tiring, but the architecture and some of the sculptures are extremely good. Infront of the museum you can see the puppy by Jeff Koons, it's about…

  • Tulips

    Another one by Jeff Koons, he's very good in walking along the border of kitsch and art. These tulips are made of high polished steel. They appear very light, but are actually quite heavy. In the reflections you can see all of the stems and you can see yo…

  • Exploding cars

    Hangs right after the entrance a very powerful installation of several cars that have exploding rays going out of them. This and many many other installations are from chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. He presented a lot of his gunpowder art, as well as a ver…

  • The matter of time

    Richard Serra made some very awesome sculptures here in the biggest hall of the Guggenheim Museum called Fish hall and because of the sponsor Arcelor-Mittal Hall. You can walk inside these elipses and along the shapes and experience a range of different f…

  • Guggenheim outside

    The outside of the Guggenheim museum is very interesting as well. Frank O. Gehry has created a real masterpiece of architecture. There are tens of thousands of small titan plates that cover all the outside. According to the information that we heard it to…

  • More parade

    Back in the city the parades are going on. Here's lots of waggons with whales, octopuses, rockets, submarines,... Some created fog, some spew water and lots of people were watching.

  • Raging horse

    The horses were the best IMO. They went right into the audience and caused a lot of stir. That was a lot of fun to watch.

  • Plastic monster

    Quite frightening creature actually, even the photographers were a bit scared. They just took one or two pictures and ran away again.

  • Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárcena

    What a great park this is! Just a little bit outside of Santander, probably a 30 minutes drive. It has loooots of space for all the animals and the landscape is just beauuutiful. This is the tiger "cage", maybe you can spot them ^^

  • Year of the Gorilla

    Well, did I say for _all_ the animals? Certainly this fellow looked a little bit pissed about all the tourists that put their noses against the glass. I dared to take a single shot and left him in peace.

  • Santander fruit market

    Yay! Tuesday was fruit market day in Santander. This is a view from the hotel room. Otherwise Santander was a bit difficult to like. It was also difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant... erm let me rephrase, a normal restaurant that has something veget…

  • Eye of the Zebra

  • All the elephant march

    This lone stranger in the elephant terrain felt a little bit well... lonesome. In the background you can see some elephants, they didn't come so close.

  • Another Schnute

    Schnuten are Dona's favourite, so I took another one. Zebra Schnuten are certainly hairy Schnuten.

  • Sealion

    There was also a sealion show in the park. It's amazing what this animals can do, how much they can learn and how clever they appear to be. The trainers gave the whole audience also a basic course in environmental sensitivity and taught the children and…

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