Dollyknickers' photos

Tuxedo cuffs

Still working on these. So far so good.

Satin Tuxedo Shirt

This one turned out very nice but the buttons are harder to get through the holes. The reason is the length of the stem holding the buttons. I must make them a little longer.


I can't wait to get the tux designed and made

Tuxedo Shirt

This was my first tuxedo shirt with handmade ruffles and real working buttons

New Sailor Suit

I made another sailor suit, this time for my guy!

Sailor Hat

Every sailor has to have a hat

Dollyknickers Sloper

This is my base shirt pattern and newly made buttonhole success.

Sailor pant style

One of my favorite pants in both style and fit. This pair is in corduroy.


Been working at doing these tiny working buttonholes for awhile as well as creating a perfectly fitted shirt sloper.
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