Cappricio Cottage

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    Picture tutorial collage. Center photo shows the completed dollhouse. Working from the top left to bottom right are the steps to create it.

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    A simple dollhouse starts with simple materials. In the case of Cappricio Cottage, I purchased two wooden crates and some scrapbook papers to make a doll house for the Grace Notes :-)

  • DollhouseWIP7

    Scrapbook papers are inexpensive and come in a wonderful array of prints and colors. I even found some great papers for flooring!

  • CCottage4

    This dollhouse will have flooring and the back wall papered. Cut two pieces of cardboard to fit the bottom and the back wall. They will insert easier if you cut them 1/4 inch smaller than the measured dimensions. Apply three coats of polyurathane varni…

  • CCottage5

    A single scrapbook paper was not large enough to cover the floor or the back, so carefully glue two sheets together and try as best you can to match the pattern.

  • CCottage6

    Two sheets glued together, and it is near impossible to tell where they are matched up!

  • CCottage8

    To glue the scrapbook papers to the cardboard, apply the glue to the cardboard, then use an old paintbrush to smooth the glue out. As you can see, it doens't need to cover every inch of the cardboard.

  • CCottage10

    Place the glued cardboard to the back of the scrapbook paper and smooth it down. Fold the edges of the scrapbook paper over the back side of the cardboard and glue those edges down, to create a neat finish to the floor and back wall.

  • CCottage12

    All the cardboard covered and in place. A nice beginning for a bedroom and living room :-)

  • CCottage15

    The furnished living room: The chair and bench were made from spring clothespins from a old booklet I've had for many years. The plant stand is a willow ware candle holder, and the plants are tiny cactus! I made a peg rack to hold baskets and such. Co…

  • CCottage16

    The furnished bedroom: The bed was made from a picture frame and wooden beads and spools. Stained and varnished it looks like an antique four poster :-) The chest came from a local hobby store, and a peg rack like the one in the living room gives the g…

  • CCottage18

    The chest came from a local hobby store, and a peg rack like the one in the living room gives the girls a place to hang their clothes. The tiny bear is crochete; the pattern is freely available on my blog.

  • CCottage17

    Closeup of the cactus gracing Cappricio Cottage :-)

  • CCottage19

    Closeup of the cactus gracing Cappricio Cottage :-)

  • CCottage20

    The crates where just the right cozy size for these nine inch dolls. This dollhouse would also be perfect for 16cm to 26cm BJD's.

  • CCottage27

    My original intention was to place the cottage on the porch, but our summers are just to humid for cardboard and glue! I got a couple pictures, then moved the home into the house.

  • CCottage32

    Another look at the living room.

  • CCottage33

    A last look at the finished cottage. This approach is nicely modular, so more rooms can be added as you like. The idea for this dollhouse came from the book "Knit and Crochet Garden," by Arne & Carlos. They built a wonderful dollhouse for their knit…