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  • Happy Birthday Lina 1/5

    It is Lina's birthday & Lissa has made a special cake for her, while her brother Rick, has the coke on ice!

  • Happy Birthday Lina 2/5

    Lina's best friends, Dora, Eliza & Char are over to help her celebrate!!

  • Happy Birthday Lina 3/5

    After cake & ice cream, the girls get dressed up for an evening of fun and dancing at 'The Jukebox'!

  • Happy Birthday Lina 4/5

    Dora & Eliza show off some of their moves, while Lina & Josh are having a Great Time ... as are Char & Rodney!

  • Happy Birthday Lina 5/5

    The birthday girl with her 'crush! Don't worry Lissa ... this establishment is chaperoned!!!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #1

    Rick has called Lissa & asked her to get all dressed up in formal attire! He arrives at the door with roses & a Limo with some goodies in the back!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #2

    Lina & Kristi look on as Lissa & Rick get in the Limo. They both know what's going on, but Lissa hasn't a clue!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #3

    Lissa is quite surprised about all of this & inquires where he is taking her!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #4

    Very shortly they arrive at the park. There is no one there but them!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #5

    Rick has unloaded the Limo & pours Lissa a glass of wine as he barbeques steaks on the grill!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #6

    Lissa enjoys watching her husband tend to her every need!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #7

    Dinner is served! What a guy!!!!

  • Lissa's Anniversary #8

    A romantic waltz after dinner! ♥♥♥

  • LL's Newest Resident!

    Meet Syd Tation, a somewhat vain man with an abundance of confidence. Temp'Tation' is something that he cannot fight. He is tempted by all the good things that life has to offer, whether it be women or men, money, fine dining, cars, etc! He fancies himse…

  • Happy Birthday Marcela #1

    Tis the day that the lovely Marcela's birthday has arrived yet again. She is spending the day celebrating with Connie, Petra, Marianne & Lauren. They really know how to celebrate too .... Look at the size of those drinks!!! The drinks were so wonderful th…

  • Happy Birthday Marcela #2

    Faramir: "For You Lady Marcela .... May your day be filled with wonder & delight!"

  • Happy Birthday Marcela #3

    Marcela: Why Thankyou Lord Faramir! You have indeed made this day very special for me!"

  • Happy Birthday Marcela #4

    Faramir bows down to Marcela "It is my honor to do you this small favor on your special day."

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