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  • Thea as anime.

    A much much better tribute to my Mattel Hula Hair Theresa head on Spinmaster Liv Doll Alexis body.

  • Serena as anime.

    I've ordered a new wig for Serena. A gently-used body should also be on the way since Aurora took the body that was meant for Serena :P

  • Coco as anime.

    Thank God for PicMonkey or I would never have gotten her hair the right color.

  • Stella Celeste as anime.

    Stella is a vintage Mattel brand vinyl Spectra Comet Skyla Blue head with a new custom fur wig by Cassiel of Rhapsodisiac (AU), on a modern Spinmaster brand Liv Doll "Making Waves" Alexis body.

  • Namaste as anime.

    Namaste is a modern Integrity brand vinyl Candi head on a vintage Mattel brand Spectra Comet Skyla Blue body.

  • Aurora as anime.

    Aurora is a 1985 vinyl Creata Doll brand head, exact type unknown, rerooted by Wiebke Liwak (ToyAddict), on a 1990's Barbie Hollywood Nails body.

  • Hai-Ying as anime.

    Coming after Christmas.

  • Loki as anime.

    Coming after Christmas.

  • Tsutsuji as anime.

    Sakura's twin, arriving in late November 2013 from saffyruth (fleabay) in France.

  • Layla as anime.

    NS vinyl 2013 Lelia clone head from China on NS plastic articulated Liv Doll Hayden body of unknown age.

  • Jeremy as anime.

    TS vinyl Barbie Fashionista Ryan head on TS plastic articulated Liv Doll Jake body.

  • Darien as anime.

    TS vinyl 1976 Durham Charly brunette head on TS plastic articulated 1993 Hula Hair Barbie Teresa body.

  • Sakura as anime.

    NS vinyl 2013 Jenny clone head from China, on NS plastic articulated Liv Doll "Alice in Wonderland" Hayden body (Target exclusive).

  • Julian as anime. anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf

  • Justin as anime. anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf

  • Nekkid Barbie as anime. anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf

  • Lee as anime. anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf

  • Mutt as anime. anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf

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