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F-1826 Ivan Matašin (=John Matasin) kun siaj fratoj
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Resolution:72 x 72 dpi
Dimension:1416 x 1436 pixels
Created on:2013:02:24 07:11:32+01:00
Modified on:2013:02:24 07:22:40
Software:Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh
Color ModeGrayscale
Color SpaceUncalibrated
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
History Actioncreated, saved
History Changed/
History Instance IDxmp.iid:0380117407206811AB08F5 D545623B6F, xmp.iid:0480117407206811AB08F5 D545623B6F
History Software AgentAdobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh, Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh
History When2013:02:24 07:22:40+01:00, 2013:02:24 07:22:40+01:00
ICC Profile NameDot Gain 20%
Image Size1416x1436
Metadata Date2013:02:24 07:22:40+01:00
Native Digest256,257,258,259,262,274,277,28 4,530,531,282,283,296,301,318, 319,529,532,306,270,271,272,30 5,315,33432;9A48683EEE1F08E211 91AD416BE80833
Original Document IDxmp.did:0380117407206811AB08F5 D545623B6F
Resolution Unitinches
Thumbnail Offset332
XMP ToolkitAdobe XMP Core 4.2.2-c063 53.352624, 2008/07/30-18:05:41