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  • Evening light on Riegersburg

  • Sunset on Riegersburg

  • Lonely maple tree

    View from Riegersburg, Styria, Austria. Wonderful medieval castle, one of the top sights in Styria!

  • Dusty loneliness

  • Oh my deer!

  • The Lovers At Lake Wörth

    Although it should still be summer, fall has creeped over the country and the time has come for romantic walks and breaks along the shore of the lake.

  • Summer meadow

    A dreamy meadow at the shore of Weissensee, Carinthia.

  • Lakeside water colour

    A painter at the shore of Weißensee has left her work for a moment long enough for me to catch a glimpse of it. The turquoise background is the fantastic water of the lake.

  • Blue sky, yellow flowers

    Rosstratten, Dobratsch, Carinthia, Austria After doing some Wiki research, I guess it's Trollius europaeus, a.k.a. globe flower.

  • Whatsoever they might serve...

    A "konoba" is a little rustical restaurant found in Croatia. This one serves "sexy piglet-lamb". What's your appetite on today?

  • Hungry?

    A sea gull at the istrian coast.

  • Rovinj, Croatia

    Part of the lovely town Rovinj (italian Rovigno) in Croatia.

  • Balzender Fasan

    Pheasant Phasianus colchicus

  • La sensitiva e il biciclo

    A bunch of touch-me-nots on an old bike. Udine, Italy.

  • Carni e Salumi

    A butcher in Udine.

  • Water

    A little fountain near the castle of Udine.

  • Loggia del Lionello, Udine

    Sight from the castle. It really felt like spring there!

  • Lummelundagrotta

    Stalactites, stalagmites and various other fantastic limestone sculptures in a cave near Visby, Gotland, Sweden. Corrected white balance and added a split tone effect with little vignetting.

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