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Die roten Sch...


Kolibri-Tankstelle (Video)

Kolibri-Tankstelle (Video)

Es war zwar schon etwas zu dunkel heute Abend auf der Veranda, aber ich wollte euch trotzdem mal meinen neuen "Adler" in Aktion zeigen ;-)

Hummingbird * Kolibri

Bild zum Video

"kleines" Finale

(on black :-)

Where rainbows are made

I was on my way home just before ten o'clock last night when I noticed this magnificent rainbow maker, competing with the evening sun :o) I made this pano from 5 photos snapped on the road leading through the lava field about 5 minutes drive from my home... I love the light nights of the Icelandic summer! Please look at it in full size, the small size does not do it justice :o)

palazzo di illuminati

night reflections


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