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25 Aug 2016 3 3 218
Happy New Year to everybody! Although for being quiet for so long now I still get some loyal visitors - thank you! It means a lot to me. Personally I'm doing fine, healthwise and concerning everything else. Also, I'm starting my own "business", which is most challenging and absorbs a lot of my time, that being the reason for not having joint in the community actively again. But a new year starts soon and I wish you all the best, health, success, money and lots of precious moments with your loved ones! See you soon, somewhere :-)
21 Aug 2016 4 1 331
Back and not, still feeling blue that it's all over :-( It was so fantastic, awesome, special, deep, intensiv and thrilling!!! Tried to capture it - at least a little bit... - with several thousands of pictures ;-) So this will need time, please be patient for a little while longer, the evenings are getting longer now. Thank you!
31 Jul 2016 2 1 262
More will follow soon...
23 Jul 2016 2 250
More coming soon...

The magic of beginnings

19 Jul 2016 1 2 295
and of empty pages. Still drying here from several layers of finishing lacquer :-) See you soon!

Selfie-Spotting *chchch*


10 Apr 2016 1 3 313
(I just love these cute japanese signs...) Finally managed to keep my Club-Membership running... I'm busy working and travelling around... need a few more bucks for our upcoming holiday in Asia :-) First Hongkong, then Thailand, together with my family. And after that the second best part of everything... I managed to take a month off all for myself. A time-out. Just me and - Australia. I'm sooooo looking forward to it! Just me, the red earth, an endless sky with stars all over, and maybe some [s]snakes[/s] cute wallabies and koalas! I'm not sure how much time I will have - and want to spent - on the internet but hopefully some great pictures will arrive here in due time. Thank you all for still visiting! I feel honored and grateful.
11 Oct 2015 7 7 395
Dang! Now I nearly didn't have the courage to log in at all... sooo sorry! It's such a wonderful place here, only that photography has to stand back in the line of my priorities for a while - a lot of other exciting things happening in my life though :-) But at least a few words... I'm taking off again tomorrow and will be back again on Jan 1st only: Thank you for all your visits, stars and kind words! And wishing you in return some great and relaxing days "in between" until New Year's Eve and afterwards a successful and healthy new year!
23 Dec 2014 3 1 394
Sorry @ all for not having had - or taken... - more time for the communitiy here. I hope I can make it up some time! I wish you all some wonder-ful days and a nice time "in between". Happy Holidays and be blessed, you and yours. My Yule Goddess is from the Greenwoman Michelle , a pattern I bought at Ravelry but which can also be found at Etsy .
19 Nov 2014 4 318
Diving into the gold.
16 Nov 2014 1 1 259
Room with a view (for a few hours).
06 Oct 2014 1 242
I'm busy travellling around at the moment, sorry to be so quiet hier.

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