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  • 20131229-0005

    Sunday T-Dance at Hotel "Royal Palms", Ft. Lauderdale

  • 20131226-0029

    Observation tower at "Shark Valley", "Everglades National Park"

  • 20131226-0020

    Entrance of Miccosukee village in the Everglades at SR41 (Tamiami Trail)

  • 20131218-0010

    Night at North Beach Village / Ft. Lauderdale

  • 20131218-0016

    Hotel "Lush Royale", Ft. Lauderdale

  • 20131217-0002

    burger with fries, lettuce and cheese for lunch

  • 20131215-0003

    "Hotel Lush Royale" at Ft. Lauderdale

  • 20131214-0001

    beach at Ft. Lauderdale

  • 20131210-0001


  • 20131211-0004

    View from balcony of hotel room at Ft. Lauderdale

  • 20131020-0008

    Analyzing SWR of hexbeam Antenna

  • 20131020-0006

    Alexloop, setup indoors on camera tripod, connected to KX3. Manfred [DK9XM] contacted UA6YN on 10 meters in SSB (voice) running 10 watts with this setup.

  • 20131019-0006

    variable capacitors on magnetic loop antenna built from scrap parts by Klaus [DL6HBK]

  • 20131019-0003

    Klaus [DL6HBK] with his magnetic loop antenna, homebrewed of scrap parts

  • 20131020-0014

    Folding the hexbeam for transportation/storage. Manfred [DK9XS] and Holger [DG4HH]

  • 20131020-0011

    setting up the hexbeam on top of telescope pole with a tripod shaped stand, feet of stand secured with concrete slabs. The ropes on ground are guy ropes, the pole in operating position is about 10m tall.

  • 20131019-0012

    Foldable hexbeam ready to operate With this antenna we contacted JR4GPA in CW (Morse) with 5 Watts from a KX3 and JA9JSI in SSB (Voice) with 100 Watts from a TS480SAT. Both Oct 20th 2013 on 28 MHz. (10m Band) from North Germany.

  • 20131015-0002

    police with water thrower

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