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  • 20141019-0016

    View from Königsstuhl / Nationalpark Jasmund / Rügen

  • 20141018-0010

    Beach between Baabe and Göhren / Rügen

  • 20141018-0008

    Beach at Baabe / Rügen

  • 20140921-0008

    Foldable hexbeam, reday for operation

  • 20140825-0001

    Antenna attached to metal railing of patio. The railing is an excellent counterpoise for the groundplane. With this setup I operate all HF bands from 40m to 10m incl. WARC, VSWR < 1:1.5

  • 20140526-0001

    shack in living room, I operate "portable style". Setting up/taking down radio/antenna takes about 20 min. in total.

  • 20141012-0003

    paddles "Schurr Profi", radio "KX3" in background at left

  • 20140927-0001

    Tower at airfield "Hungriger Wolf" nr. Itzehoe / N. Germany

  • 20140723-0001

    Elbstrand Wittenbergen

  • 20140617-0003

    Falkensteiner Ufer

  • 20140615-0001

    long john

  • 20140525-0004

    beef, szechuan style w. rice and vegies

  • 20140520-0002

    the small café/restaurant "Lukus Café" at "Falkensteiner Ufer"

  • 20140520-0003

    the way to a place for a nice lunch break at the beach

  • 20140520-0001

    Summer arriving in Hamburg

  • 20140319-0001

    fish with vegies, rice and white whine sauce for lunch today

  • 20140315-0007

    Left channel with tube amplifier "EDZARD" (50 Watt) and bass part of the "trio" speaker system. The grey box with "grill" to get rid of heat is the power supply of the amp. Shape and size of the power supply are like an older PC.

  • 20140315-0006

    High end system with speakers from "Avantgarde Acoustik" and tube driven power amps from "Rike Audio"

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