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  • Rotterdam Willemsbrug (#0164)

    Repainting one of the towers of the newer Willemsbrug.

  • Berlin wall guardhouse (#0018)

    A former East German Berlin Wall guardhouse, near the Topography of Terror

  • Berlin Kreuzberg Viktoriapark (#2164)

    The view down the waterfall and along Großbeerenstraße, looking north. The cranes in the distance are most likely the construction east of Potsdamer Platz.

  • Berlin Kreuzberg Watertower (#2229)

    Neighborhood around the watertower.

  • Berlin Kreuzberg Chamißoplatz (#2229)

    An historic public bathroom in Chamißoplatz, with a somewhat less historic person :)

  • CA-190 (0635)

    CA-190 climbing the mountains that are the west side of Death Valley. In the largest version of the picture you can see that there are two cars parked on the left side of the road. For some reason (I couldn't tell why), both were young people who had st…

  • Trona Railway museum (0626)

    Trona Railway caboose at the museum, the caboose was built in 1958.

  • Dyerville bar NWP bridge (1653)

    Bridge over the Eel river of the former Northwestern Pacific Railroad, at Dyerville bar. See information with nearby pictures. (I couldn't decide which of two pictures of the bridge to post, so both are posted.)

  • Dyerville Loop NWP overpass (1651)

    Dyerville Loop road overpass of the former Northwestern Pacific Railroad that once ran from Eureka to San Rafael. The railroad went through various iterations over the years but finally ended when the Eel River (nearby picture) flooded excessively in 199…

  • Tonopah Airfield (3961)

    Inside abandoned hangar.

  • US6 Lunar Crater, NV (2100)

    As route 6 leaves Railroad Valley and climbs over a range of mountains, you see a sign for "Lunar Crater Backway." This takes you into an even more remote section of central Nevada. I couldn't really figure out why it was called 'Lunar Crater'.. The silv…

  • Belmont NV 2124a

    Belmont Court House and abandoned truck