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  • Rosenborgbassenget

    In Trondheim's Nedre Elvehavn, an area of former docks with new riverside housing

  • Værøy

    Værøy Island seen from Vestfjorden. Værøy is the second southernmost island of the Lofoten chain (after Røst). It is relatively densely populated (750 inhabitants on 17,5 km²) and is connected to the other islands and to the mainland by regular ferry serv…

  • Dampf ablassen! (2 PiPs)

    Traditionszug in Schierke

  • Teater Kebab ecorated-by-bart

  • Black church of Búðir

    Situated on Snæfellsnes peninsula, Búðir used to be an important trading post until 1930. Nowadays only the church and a hotel are left. The church dates from 1848 and is one of the oldest wooden churches in Iceland. Deutsch:…

  • Grafarlandaá (PiP)

    Ford through Grafarlandaá on Highland road F88 (Öskjuleið). See inset photo for driving instructions;-) Grafarlandaà is a spring fed river so it's not as unpredictable as glacial rivers where fords can get impassible on sunny days due to increased melt.…

  • ...and thanks for all the fish (PiP)

    Fischauktionshalle Hamburg-Altona _%28Hamburg-Altona%29

  • On Top

    Gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) nesting on top of Danco Island. Our expedition ship MS Polar Star can be seen down in Errera Channel. Pygoscelis species build their nest from stones to keep them dry and often go long ways to feed. Even for us humans it…

  • Salar de Uyuni (PiP)

    The world's largest salt flat covers 10.582 km², is 3656m above sea level and contains approximately 50-70% of the world's lithium reserves in the brine under the salt crust. See inset…

  • Stokksund

    Stokksund is a difficult to navigate narrow strait between the mainland and Stokkøya.

  • Ominous clouds over Breiðafjörður

    Aprroaching Brjánslækur under a threatening cloud. The stormy weather with winds blowing to the south was rather untypical for the season.

  • Gamle Salten

    Anchor of MS Gamle Salten. MS Salten was built in 1953 and sailed for Hurtigruten. Now in Bodø as MS Gamle Salten she is under protection and used for charter and as a hotel ship. 10-Week Picture Projects: Color Wheel- black
    By Gudrun

  • Departamento Garaje

    Disused garages at Oficina Salitrera Humberstone.
    By Gudrun

  • Blue hour in Hadselfjorden

    Sailing towards Raftsund on a very cold clear winter's day. The moon shines over the island of Hinnøya (the light on the left is a salmon farm).

  • Slórfell from F905

    Road F905 branches south near Möðrudalur, passing along the palagonite range of Möðrudalsfjallgarður until connecting with F910 towards Askja. In dry and windy weather the area is prone to sandstorms.
    By Gudrun

  • Herðubreið, the queen of Icelandic mountains

    Herðubreið (1682m) is a classic tuya (subglacial volcano) topped by a 300m thick subaerial lava shield. The photo was taken near the bridge over River Kreppá, the lava and pumice in the foreground stem from Askja eruptions.

  • Sunset on Salar de Uyuni

    Stormclouds make for a colourful sunset on the world's largest salt flat

  • Tungnafellsjökull from Nýidalur hut

    Tungnafellsjökull is a dormant palagonite volcano southwest of Bárðarbunga, near the centre of the hot spot and the triple junction. Repeated quakes in the fissure swarm so far have been merely tectonic.
    By Gudrun

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