Eye makeup is important

Drag queens in Athens County

Among depscribe's albums

Eye makeup is important

Jasmyn La Basha of Mansfield makes sure her eye makeup is just so.

Just the right lip look, too

Applying the finishing touches is Carma Lee of Wheeling, West Virginia.

Looking Divine

From Columbus was Ming Vaz.

The makeup table

The table in the green room bore a variety of wigs and makeup.

Getting ready for the show

Announcer for the festivities was Jasmyn LaBasha of Mansfield, here discussing last-minute arrangements in the green room.

Striking a pose

Ming and Jasmyn, just before the show began.

Starr Davis takes the stage

An audience favorite was Starr Davis of Athens. Many of the contestants came from elsewhere in Ohio and even West Virginia.

She's amply rewarded with tips

Another contestant

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