So, what do you think of bagpipes?

Feature: Irish feis in New York

Each year, the Irish folk of Putnam County, New York, gather for a day of music and dance and speechifying, the speeches chiefly about what they would like to do to the English.

So, what do you think of bagpipes?

The proceedings begin.

Much of the dance is performed at altitude

If you've seen "Riverdance," you have the idea.

Local officials, congressman, all must attend

Speaking here us U.S. Rep. Hamilton Fish Jr.

Playing accordionly

Proper Irish music is rendered well on the accordion.

It's a contest -- fingers crossed!

Girls await the judges' decisions.

The kids start out very young

Penny whistle practice

I've yet to find the editor able to pass up the opportunity to pronounce himself a moron by calling these "flutes."

Her feet did touch the stage occasionally

The popularity of Irish dance is surprisingly widespread. Of course, it figures into a variety of American folk dances, as well.

For those not dancingly inclined

There are footraces.
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