Quiet opening of new city pool


Little Dallas Secoy, 7, and her "nanny," Mia Jordan, waited in their car in the pool parking lot all night Sunday night in order to be the first in the new Athens Municipal Pool. Dallas's heart's desire was to be the first person down the blue water slide.

She did it!

Here's young Dallas getting her wish.

There were already some lap swimmers

Some organized activities had been underway Monday morning before the pool was opened for a "free swim." Here's one of the participants, swimming laps.

Preparing for the sun

As the pool area filled, some took time to apply sun-blocker.

What in the world is this thing?

Two-year-old Judah was the first customer for the new splash pad, and he wasn't immediately sure what to do there.

Good guess, but wrong answer

Was it a giant drinking fountain? No.