The John Penton GNCC is an annual event

John Penton GNCC motorcycle race 2018

The John Penton GNCC is an annual event

It's named for Ohioan John Penton, the virtual inventor of the modern lightweight dirt bike.

Busy intersection

Bicyclists were wise to check carefully before riding across the racetrack.

The motorcycle equivalent of a rock festival

The Sunday Creek Raceway was transformed into a small city during the weekend, and roads and paths there were filled with a mixture of people on foot, on bicycles, in cars, on ATVs, and even on tractors. Oh, and motorcycles, too.

Three riders, two wheels

Here's something you don't see every day. Though stressing bikes to the max happened there a lot.

Not a good place to pass

The course wound far back into the woods -- a lap took as much as 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes there was a little congestion, as here. The races were not for a specified number of laps, but instead they determined how many laps a rider could complete in a specified amount of time, usually two or three hours.

One young winner

Mud-covered and happy, 16-year-old Alexi Phillips of Tryon, North Carolina took first place in her class aboard a KTM 150. Her friend, Davis Vasilatos, raced on a Yamaha 125.

This kind of thing happens a lot

When a bike goes down, first order if business is to check if there are any other riders headed that way.

And riders learn to adjust

Coming down a hill

It sometimes gets very steep. Spectators (and photographers) can get close to the action if they dare, as in European rallyes.