A Beautiful Local

Being French, geckos here care about fashion. I wonder if a gecko in Reunion calls in French?

Gecko Attitude

I love how much detail has been picked up with this photo. He almost seems expressive, don't you think?

Falls at Bassin La Paix

Two of four waterfalls pouring in to this magnificently picturesque large pool.

Route du Volcan

The last few kilometres to Pas de Bellcombe (Piton de la Fornaise) are across this magnificent landscape. This is Route du Volcan - Volcano Road. I almost expected to encounter the Mars Rover!

Jo and the Volcano

Piton de la Fornaise, a very active volcano on Reunion. Reached by trekking 2-3 hours over lava fields. This viewpoint (Balcon du Dolomieu) is reached after ascending to the eastern rim.


From the rim, the Dolomieu Crater floor can be viewed, some 350 metres below, smoking and steaming, just to remind observers that it is not dead, just asleep.

Lava Flows in Stained Glass

The church in Piton Ste-Rose. In 1977, a lava flow split and went around the church. The stained glass of commemorates this miracle. The church is now know as Notre Dame des Laves.

Driving Across Grand Brule

Older lava flows have significant vegetation growing. This lava field was from 2001.

Rippled and Rolled Lava

Some of the beautiful forms left when lava flows solidified.
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