Lian's photos

  • Office in a sunny afternoon

    Underexposed (Ektar 100 shot at ISO 400) and developed by myslef Film photography is just like our growth. It's always so hard to correct the disorder due to a wrong exposure to the world.

  • Hong Kong Street

    A portra 400 snap developed by myself.

  • Vacancy - for the new year, for the farewell, for the missing ...

    I want you by my side I want you to dress up for me...

  • Beside orange

    Time is a door I cannot open. My magic is worn, my chants asleep. ——Adonis·Celebrating Childhood

  • Arcade in Sensō-ji

    And sometimes, in the evenings, from some garret — A flute, And the flautist himself in the window. And big tulips in the window-sills. And maybe, you would not even love me... ——Marina Tsvetaeva·I'd Like to Live with You

  • Bamboo house · night Suddenly after the rain ...... Good night

  • Summer shadows

    I am happy living simply: like a clock, or a calendar. Worldly pilgrim, thin, wise — as any creature. To know the spirit is my beloved. To come to things—swift as a ray of light, or a look. To live as I write: spare — the way God asks me — and friends do…

  • Reading room

    I hear the muttering of wet roofs, pale eclogues from stones and kerb. From the opening lines, that city, is alive in each sound, each word. —— Boris Pasternak·To Anna Akhmatova

  • Pagsum Lake

    I used to think the years would go by in order, that you get older one year at a time. But it's not like that. It happens overnight. ——Haruki Murakami · Dance Dance Dance Happy birthday, Lizzy!

  • Suzhou

    Pour Régine Daenens :-) 姑苏城外寒山寺 夜半钟声到客船 En dehors des murs de Suzhou se dresse le Temple de la Montagne froide à minuit, les tintements de sa cloche parviennent au passager sur son navire.

  • Park

    When I pronounce the word Future, the first syllable already belongs to the past. When I pronounce the word Silence, I destroy it. When I pronounce the word Nothing, I make something no non-being can hold. ——Wislawa Szymborska·The Three Oddest Words

  • Kinkaku-ji

    For Leonora. Above all, Golden Pavilion should be golden ;-) And... maybe I should have taken it by E100VS or Velvia...

  • 金閣寺

    露の世は 露の世ながら さりながら —— 小林一茶 This world of dew is only a world of dew and yet, and yet... —— Kobayashi Issa

  • Stone steps

    Because I miss you and I'm afraid to confront myself. My will is often devoured by loneliness ...

  • Kiyomizu Temple

    For sunlight, for Ektar...

  • Mykonos

    ... for some memory about Sunday

  • Viaduct


  • "Fruits are easy to expire and so are love poems ..."

    1. I want you to read love poems when you are in metro and when you are having your breakfast and when you are stroking your keyboard and when you are ending your work and I will write every word of the poems for you 2. Low attitude flying test The c…

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