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who is singing this song by whom?

Aref Nammari (goplayer)
Aref Nammari (goplay…
A beautiful poem. I am not sure by whom or who is the singer. From the accent I would venture to say that he is probably Iraqi or from the Gulf area. Maybe Klix knows?
10 years ago.
I also do not know who sings this and where he is from. As Aref guessed most probably from Iraq or perhaps from the Gulf!
Here you are what he says:
I was lonely, my beloved one, like a rain drop
do not be sad
I'll buy you tomorrow the moon and the morning star
and a field of flowers
tomorrow, if I come back form my travel
tomorrow, if ????
but I am today lonely, my beloved one, like a raindrop

So I do not know why you link it with Palestine? Or, perhaps, the poet of the original poem is Palestinian, the "travel" is the displacement, the diaspora. You have to ask poem experts and knowledgeable in Arabic music / singers. I have no idea about all these things, nice poem though :-)
10 years ago.
thx Aref & Firas ... I was told that the singer could be the Palestinian Muhannad Muhsen, now Iraqi ... he is not famous ... thx, Firas for the translation - I know you are great :)
I like the sweet melancholy of this song ... it seems to be an older one - maybe written in the 60ies??
10 years ago.
KliX has replied to davinca
You are welcome Lizzy :-) Well, Palestinian refugees overtook the accents of the countries they refuged to. You might be right with the "age" of the poem. Nowadays, nobody dares to dream of "coming back"! Perhaps is the poem famous? Your friend should know that! Maybe Mahmud Darwish?
10 years ago.