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Patterns in the sand and sky at South Beach, Blyth, Northumberland.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire.

St. Hubert's

St. Hubet's Church, Idsworth, Hampshire.

St. Hubert's Chapel

Built in the the “new” Norman style, ithe church was dedicated in 1053 and named the church of St Peter and St Paul. In 1864, 14thCCentury wall paintings were discovered during repairs and the church was re-dedicated to St Hubert, after the Patron Saint of Hunters.

Industrial Dusk

A fantastic sunset last night at Hamble Point

St. Andrew's

Cloudy infrared

St. Bartholomew's Chapel

The early church, commonly called St Bartholomew's, adjacent to the old village of Boteleigh, was mentioned in the Domesday Book. This church was largely destroyed by the falling of a large poplar tree onto the nave resulting in the original capacity of 500 being reduced to what what you see now, with the present church having been rebuilt from what had been the chancel.

J. M. W. Wheels

An old wheelmaker's bench

Fish 'n' Salad

Cormorant at Blashford Lakes
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