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Passiflora tulae
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Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Exposure:0.04 sec. (1/25)
Focal Length:55.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 86.5 mm)
Flash:On, Fired
Exposure mode:Shutter speed priority AE
Resolution:72 x 72 dpi
Dimension:3978 x 2832 pixels
Original Date:2014:02:24 08:54:02.23
Created on:2014:02:24 08:54:02.23
Modified on:2014:02:24 13:27:30.23
Software:Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery 6.0.6001.18000
Blue Balance-0.023617
Camera OrientationUnknown (5)
Camera Temperature-128 C
Canon Model IDEOS Rebel T2i / 550D / Kiss X4
Circle Of Confusion0.019 mm
Color Data VersionUnknown (1024)
Color SpacesRGB
Color Temp As Shot490
Color Temp Auto546
Color Temp Cloudy2400
Color Temp Daylight700
Color Temp Flash31
Color Temp Fluorescent24
Color Temp Kelvin36
Color Temp Measured3800
Color Temp Shade371
Color Temp Tungsten2048
Color Temperature1
Color Tone Faithful0
Color Tone Landscape0
Color Tone Neutral67109888
Color Tone Portrait0
Color Tone Standard0
Color Tone User Def 10
Color Tone User Def 21393232042
Color Tone User Def 34
Components ConfigurationY, Cb, Cr, -
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Contrast Faithful0
Contrast Landscape67109888
Contrast Monochrome0
Contrast Neutral0
Contrast Portrait0
Contrast Standard0
Contrast User Def 10
Contrast User Def 267109888
Contrast User Def 30
Crop Bottom Margin0
Crop Left Margin56
Crop Right Margin5335
Crop Top Margin3511
Custom RenderedNormal
Device Mfg DescIEC
Device Model DescIEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space - sRGB
Exif Version0221
Exposure Compensation-1/3
Exposure ModeAuto
Field Of View23.5 deg
File Number-001-0001
Filter Effect MonochromeNone
Filter Effect User Def 1None
Filter Effect User Def 2Unknown (0xe6)
Filter Effect User Def 3None
Flash Metering ModeE-TTL
Flashpix Version0100
Focal Plane Resolution Unitinches
Focal Plane X Resolution5728.176796
Focal Plane Y Resolution5808.403361
Focus Distance Lower0 m
Focus Distance Upper573.45 m
Highlight Tone PriorityOff
Hyperfocal Distance28.28 m
Image Size3978x2832
Interoperability Version0100
Lens0.0 - 1.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 0.0 - 1.6 mm)
Lens IDTokina AT-X 242 AF 24-200mm f/3.5-5.6
Lens TypeCanon EF 100-300mm f/5.6 or Sigma or Tokina Lens
Light Value9.6
Max Focal Length1 mm
Metering ModeMulti-segment
Min Focal Length0 mm
Offset Schema-260
Original Decision Data Offset0
Picture StyleNone
Raw Measured RGGB0 0 0 0
Red Balance0.158823
Related Image Height3456
Related Image Width5184
Resolution Unitinches
Saturation Faithful0
Saturation Landscape0
Saturation Neutral0
Saturation Portrait0
Saturation Standard67109888
Saturation User Def 10
Saturation User Def 20
Saturation User Def 30
Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent1.6
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Sharpness Faithful0
Sharpness Landscape0
Sharpness Monochrome67109888
Sharpness Neutral0
Sharpness Portrait0
Sharpness Standard67109888
Sharpness User Def 10
Sharpness User Def 20
Sharpness User Def 34
Sub Sec Time23
Sub Sec Time Digitized23
Sub Sec Time Original23
Thumbnail Image Valid Area0 0 0 0
Thumbnail Offset8216
Toning Effect MonochromeNone
Toning Effect User Def 1Unknown (0x4000400)
Toning Effect User Def 2Green
Toning Effect User Def 3Unknown (0x10000000)
User Def 1 Picture StyleUnknown (0)
User Def 2 Picture StyleUnknown (0)
User Def 3 Picture StyleUnknown (0)
VRD Offset0
WB RGGB Levels464 643 5200 -69
WB RGGB Levels As Shot464 643 5200 -69
WB RGGB Levels Auto595 4700 -13 527
WB RGGB Levels Cloudy2800 354 879 318
WB RGGB Levels Daylight658 426 3200 201
WB RGGB Levels Flash34 42 31 35
WB RGGB Levels Fluorescent2048 2048 22 21
WB RGGB Levels Kelvin36 32 35 37
WB RGGB Levels Measured4200 44 570 503
WB RGGB Levels Shade392 3000 243 748
WB RGGB Levels Tungsten500 2064 2081 2048
White BalanceAuto
XMP ToolkitXMP Core 5.1.2
Y Cb Cr PositioningCo-sited