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List of oldest trees in the world - Liste des plus vieux arbres dans le monde

List of oldest trees in the world - Liste des plus vieux arbres dans le monde

L'aubépine (Crataegus) est un genre d'arbres ou arbustes épineux de l'hémisphère nord appartenant à la famille des Rosacées. - Photo J.F. Gaffard - Wikimedia Commons GFDL


List of oldest trees in the world :

Old Tjikko 9 550 ans, Fulufjället Mountain, Dalarna province, Sweden.
[also called Norway Spruce tree]

Prometheus 5 000 ans Nevada USA
[cut down in 1964]

Methuselah 4 800 ans California USA

Castagno dei Cento Cavalli 4 000 ans Sicile, Italy

Sarv-e-Abarkooh - Cypress 4 000 ans Abarkooh, Iran
[also called Zoroastrian Sarv]

Llangernyw Yew 4 000 ans Llangernyw, Wales

Fitzroya 3 600 ans Chiloé, Chile

Senator 3 500 ans Floride USA

Jardine Juniper 3 200 ans Utah USA

Chicago Stump 3 200 ans Californie USA
(coupé en 1893)

Olea Europaea 3 000 ans Sardinia Italy

Patriarca da Floresta 3 000 ans Brasil

Alishan (sacred tree) 3 000 ans Taïwan
[collapsed on july 1, 1997]

General Sherman 2 500 ans Californie USA

Sri Maha Bodhi 2 300 ans Sri Lanka

Jōmon Sugi 2,170-7,200 Yakushima, Japan

Great Sugi of Kayano 2 300 ans Kaga, Ishikawa, Japan

Fortingall Yew 2 000-5 000 ans Perthshire, Scotland
[oldest tree in Europe]

Olive tree of Vouves 2 000-5 000 ans Kolymvari, Crete, Greece
[oldest olive tree in the world]

Sose's Tree Platan chinar 2 000 ans Skhtorashen, Nagorno-Karabakh
[tronc de 44 m2]. [oldest tree in Karabakh]

Te Matua Ngahere Kauri - 2 000-3 000 ans Northland, New Zealand
[oldest tree in New Zealand]

Olive tree 2 000 ans Bar, Montenegro

Olive tree 2 000 ans Pedras del Rei, Portugal
[oldest olive tree in Portugal}

Olive tree 2 000 ans Exo Hora, Zakynthos, Grèce

Yew 2 000 ans Sochi, Russia
[a grove known to possess several 2 000-year-old specimens]

Pechanga Great Oak Tree 2 000 ans Temecula, California, USA
[oldest oak tree in US, possible in world]

Granit Oak 1 674 ans Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
[oldest oak tree in Bulgaria, Europe and in world]

Kongeegen Oak 1 500-2 000 ans Zealand, Denmark
[oldest oak tree in Northern Europe]

Aubépine [Hawthorn, en anglais] 1 501 ans Saint-Mars-sur-la-Futaie, France
[la plus vieille en France, située en plein bourg de la Mayenne. On peut la voir ici :

Seven Sisters Oak - Southern live Oak 1 500 ans Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Angel Oak- Southern live Oak 1 500 ans South Carolina, USA

Stelmužė Oak-Pedunculate Oak 1 500 ans Stelmužė, Lithuania
[oldest tree in the Baltic states]

Baikushev's Pine-Bosnian Pine 1 300 ans Pirin, Bulgaria

Cis Henrykowski-Yew 1 260 ans Henryków Lubański, Poland
[oldest tree in Poland]

Tane Mahuta - Kauri 1 250-2 500 ans Northland, New Zealand
[largest tree in New Zealand]

Onzelievehereboom-Oak 1 200 ans Kortessem, Belgium
[oldest tree in Belgium]

Árbol del Tule - Montezuma Cypress 1 200-3 000 ans Santa María del Tule, Mexico
[considered the oldest tree in Mexico]

Linden of Schenklengsfeld - Large-leaved Linden 1 120 ans Schenklengsfeld, Germany
[oldest tree in Germany]

Grove of the Patriarchs - Red Cedar, Douglas Fir - plus de 1 000 ans Mount Rainier, Washington [island protected from wildfire]

Oldřich Oak 1 000 ans Peruc, Czech Republic
[oldest tree in the Czech Republic]

Bowthorpe Oak 1 000 ans Bourne, England
[oldest oak tree in Britain]

Great Oak - Coast Live Oak 1 000-2 000 ans California, USA
[sacred to the Luiseño Indians. Largest Coast Live Oak. 96 feet (29 m) tall - massive canopy]

Ginkgo biloba 1 000 ans Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū, Japan

Fertility Yew 800-1 300 ans Stoke Gabriel, England

Árpád fa- Árpád-tölgy Oak 800-1,000 ans Hédervár, Hungary
[the oldest tree in Hungary]

Majesty Oak 800 ans env. Nonington Kent, United Kingdom
[also called Royal Oak]

Mediaeval Oak 750 ans Southwest London, United Kingdom
[also called Methuselah's oak]

Beech 700 ans Apulia, Italy
[oldest beech]

Tamme-Lauri Oak 690 ans Võrumaa, Estonia
[the oldest tree in Estonia]

Bartek Oak 625 ans Zagnańsk, Poland
[perhaps the most well-known tree in Poland, long estimated to be 1200 years old]

Queens Giant-Tulip Poplar 350-450 ans New York, USA
[oldest tree of New York metropolitan area]

Tree of Life, Bahrain 400 ans Mesquite, Bahrain
[oldest tree of Bahrain]

Endicott Pear Tree 378 ans Massachusetts, USA
[oldest fruit tree in USA]

Balmville- Eastern Cotton Wood Tree 308 ans Newburgh, New York
[oldest Eastern Cotton Wood in USA]

Source : List of oldest trees ("oldest" by region or species), listed by age. Some ages are rounded off.
Site : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_trees



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