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  • body knot

  • tenderness

  • le regard

  • floodwaters

  • last days of november

  • little lake in the forest

  • being inside...

    ... without there's no outside...

  • the gnome (taonistic version)

    for the group "work flow" > http://www.ipernity.com/group/flow :-)

  • non-nude

    i wanted to show you that i'm not only nude... i wanted to show you that i'm wearing clothes like you... i wanted to show you my t-shirt, my jacket... ... and then this awful texture came between... :-)

  • ode aux femmes 4

    die frau ist kein raubtier, im gegenteil, sie ist die beute, die dem raubtier auflauert josé ortega y gasset collaboration with chamber (thank you so much, karen !!) > http://www.ipernity.com/home/chamber

  • open jacket 6

  • urban sceneries (paris 1)