Creeks and Waterfalls

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Cedar Creek, Queensland, Australia. 'Peaceful' is available for sale as Prints on Canvas, paper, and framed.

The day after rain

Cedar Creek, Queensland, Australia. This is the same spot as my Whirlpool photograph but this time the day after we had roughly four inches of rain. The creek has gone down a little from yesterday, but is still rushing by at a faster and higher level than when I shot "Whirlpool".

Rushing past

Cedar Creek, Queensland, Australia. Taken around dusk as this spot is terribly exposed for daylight shooting. Rushing Past is now available as framed, mounted or canvas prints.


Another whirlpool spotted in the creek yesterday, this one next to a spot where the water rushes out from amidst the rocks. I took a closer crop of the whirlpool and jetstream but felt the wider context shot was more pleasing to the eye. Also puddling with borders a bit, if only because the black adds a bit more impact when viewed on the default white background. I'm of the opinion this was the best photo from yesterday's session. Whirlpool is now available for sale as prints or posters.

Rock Pool

This time with the polarizer twisted around to minimize the surface reflections. You get a completely different feel to the photo.

Reflections in the pool

While wandering up Cedar Creek today I discovered a shallow rock pool. It was just the spot for some long-exposure reflections.


This little waterfall is just off the track on the way to the Araluen Cascades at Finch Hatton Gorge.

Submerged Rocks

Belying an implied stillness. Shot at the Araluen Cascades, Finch Hatton Gorge.

Araluen Cascades

Finch Hatton Gorge. Dad and I set off late in the afternoon to photograph the waterfalls of Finch Hatton Gorge, leaving the family with the cars (they didn't fancy the walk). We shot two falls, but decided not to go on to the last one as the light was failing and it was another 1.8km from here, mostly uphill.
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